​Power of Financial Planning Award​

This new award sponsored by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and the Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) recognizes an FPA Chapter that has displayed a commitment to pro bono financial planning in the previous year in the spirit of FPA’s Primary Aim: To elevate the profession

that transforms lives through the power of financial planning. 

A key tenet of building a recognized profession is the willingness of those in the profession to provide pro bono services to support the public and the communities impacted. In recognition of this, FPA, its communities, and members are dedicated to helping underserved populations by providing free, no
strings attached, objective financial planning services to individuals and families through the selfless actions of FPA members and chapters.​

FPA’s nationwide network of 88 chapters and state councils lead the way in helping thousands of Americans struggling to financially achieve their goals and dreams through a variety of community outreach programs. Pro bono programs target underserved individuals and families striving to build
assets and improve their lives but cannot afford to engage a financial planner on their own. 

Providing vulnerable members of our communities a helping hand by sharing our professional expertise is what pro bono financial planning is all about. Throughout the country, FPA chapters are working with community partners to assist those with the greatest need for – and the least access to – the power of financial planning. In partnership with the Foundation for Financial Planning, FPA chapters help thousands of Americans each year.

Nomination and Eligibility Criteria:
Interested FPA Chapters must submit a nomination form by July 12, 2019 and meet the following eligibility requirements:
• Nominated FPA Chapters must have carried out pro bono programming during the period of July 1, 2018 to June 28, 2019. (Information on previous years pro bono programming may be submitted in support of the nomination as a way to demonstrate longtime commitment to pro bono.)
• Only one Power of Financial Planning Award will be given each year
• Criteria that will be evaluated and considered include:
  • How does the pro bono work address and positively impact a specific need in the community?
  • What are the measurable outcomes and metrics? (# served, % membership participating, etc.)
  • Using the definition of pro bono provided, how does the nominated chapter demonstrate FPA's Primary Aim through this pro bono work?
  • How does the nominated chapter promote visibility about participating in the pro bono work and provide training to deliver it?
  • How does this pro bono work inspire and motivate FPA members to engage with your chapter? And/or prospective members to join FPA?
  • How does this pro bono work integrate with other areas your chapter is seeking to have impact in? (For example, advocacy, NexGen, community partnerships, etc.)​

• Nominated activities must adhere to the following FFP definition of pro bono:
FFP Definition of Pro Bono: Free, no-strings attached, one-on-one financial advice and planning for underserved populations* provided as a donated service of professional skill and expressly not for the purposes of paid client acquisition or lead generation.

* E.g., low-income individuals and families, college students, military personnel/veterans and families, individuals in a crisis situation such as domestic violence survivors, and people affected by a natural disaster, serious medical diagnosis, bankruptcy, etc.


​For more information contact FPA Pro Bono Lead Kurt Kaczor​