Working to Make the Profession – and You – More Visible

As a financial planner, I'm interested in seeing FPA – my professional association – do its part to create greater awareness of the financial planning profession and increase visibility for its members among the public, media and policymakers. I am pleased to share the great progress that is being made by FPA to increase awareness and visibility in this, my first member update as the 2016 FPA President.

One of the key areas where FPA has made tremendous strides in increasing visibility is among the media. FPA has always been a source for journalists covering the profession and personal finance, but it wasn't until a year ago that the organization released FPA MediaSource and made it easy for reporters to access our members for their reporting.

FPA MediaSource is an automated system that journalists can use to distribute their queries to CFP® professional members who attend an FPA-approved media training. Since the system went live, more than 1,000 individual queries have been sent to members from many national outlets, including CNBC, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, MONEY, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Bloomberg, and many others. If you're not part of FPA MediaSource yet, consider getting media trained now so you can get some great "air time" like fellow member Eric Roberge, CFP®!

FPA leaders are also proactively meeting with major media outlets and noted journalists to advance the FPA and financial planning message. Twice per year we travel to New York City to conduct media tours where we hold desk-side meetings with national consumer outlets. Just this past November we had meetings with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Fiscal Times, Black Enterprise, MONEY, CNN, Reuters, MarketWatch and CNBC. Every meeting was productive and proved there are fabulous synergies between FPA and the media. We use these opportunities to advance our core messages for the benefit of all FPA members.

In addition to enhancing visibility with the media, FPA has been working to forge partnerships with nationally recognized brands on a variety of projects and programs over the past year. We worked with Financial Advisor IQ (a news service of the Financial Times) to conduct the 2015 Trends in Adviser Compensation and Benefits Study. We worked with LifeCare, one of the country's premier providers of work/life balance services to millions of American workers, to have members develop educational content for their platform and conduct research. We partnered with AARP to conduct exciting new research on Social Security and with LinkedIn to do research on social media in the planning profession. This is just the beginning. Many more partnerships are coming in 2017!

And when it comes to creating awareness among policymakers at the federal and state levels, FPA has had terrific impact thanks to the commitment of our members and chapters. Just this past year, 15 state advocacy days were conducted from California to Massachusetts and Alabama to Illinois that involved hundreds of FPA members who took the time to educate state lawmakers on the profession and issues of importance to financial planners. The 2nd Annual FPA Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. brought together dozens of members from across the country to engage federal lawmakers. And we rolled-out FPA Engage, an online platform to enable members to get active in the advocacy process. The results of this work have been extraordinary as chapters and members are further engaging lawmakers in numerous ways.

Visibility of our members and elevating the FPA brand is one of our key areas of focus, as FPA works on your behalf to enhance the standing of our members and the financial planning profession. I look forward to sharing more in the year ahead.

And be sure to join us for an All-Member Virtual Update on March 3rd at 3 pm ET (12 pm PT). Get an insider's look at some of the great things taking place in your professional home – FPA! Register to attend.​​

Warm regards,


Pamela Sandy, CFP®

2016 FPA President


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