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FPA BE: Seattle 2014 – Business and Education for Today’s CFP® Professional

DENVER – In an effort to reengineer the professional conference experience to deliver more impactful c​ontent for members and other attendees, the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) has officially transitioned the organization’s annual conference this year from FPA Experience to FPA BE: Seattle 2014.

With an eye on delivering robust content on business success practices and professional education, FPA BE: Seattle 2014 – to be held Sept. 20-22, 2014 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle – is being designed for those who seek an engaging, thought-provoking event that enables today’s financial planner to BE successful, BE knowledgeable and BE extraordinary. With an emphasis on interactively delivering cutting-edge practice management strategies and planning trends by the best minds in the world of business and financial planning, FPA BE: Seattle 2014 will engage and empower attendees like no other event.

“The professional conference landscape has become increasingly more competitive in recent years as more organizations and companies enter the conference marketplace,” said Lauren M. Schadle, CAE, FPA executive director and CEO. “Our internal research showed that just from September through December 2013 there were more than 30 conferences, outside of FPA chapter events, catering to the adviser market. To remain competitive and set a new high standard for professional conferences, FPA redesigned our annual conference to deliver an exceptional experience for attendees.”

By utilizing existing programs already in place at FPA, including the FPA Research and Practice Institute and the Journal of Financial Planning, the organization is in a position to deliver rich content that focuses more on the business of financial planning while maintaining strong content on the practice of financial planning. The focus of FPA BE: Seattle 2014 will be on content that impacts an adviser’s ability to:
  • ​BE Successful – Provide the latest in leadership, communication, technology, human resources, strategic planning and more from the best minds in business that empowers attendees to BE more successful.
  • BE Knowledgeable – Offer up-to-date planning and investment education that supports attendees’ desire to BE more knowledgeable and meeting the needs of clients.
  • BE Extraordinary – Deliver amplified networking opportunities to connect with other professionals and those supporting the vocation of financial planning to help attendees BE more extraordinary.

FPA BE: Seattle 2014 will not only be unique in the value and opportunity it provides attendees, but the program itself will be partially developed by FPA members. Through crowdsourcing, FPA will solicit session topics and potential speakers from members to identify possible sessions for the conference. Members will vote on those suggestions in the coming months with upwards of six suggestions being scheduled for the event in September.

“Crowdsourcing gives our members a voice in the program’s development,” said Schadle. “This is their professional conference, so providing them a means to have their suggestions heard makes sense. We do not want to arbitrarily create the program without first hearing from our members and other professionals who attend.”

The conference will feature more interactive general sessions that are focused on the crucial elements of running a prosperous business. These sessions will involve well-known speakers and business leaders at some of the biggest corporations in America who will lend their expertise in helping attendees understand what they can do to be more profitable and productive.

FPA BE: Seattle 2014 is currently in development. Registration is slated to open mid-February 2014. Follow conference developments and announcements @fpassociation and the hashtag #FPABE.​