3rd Annual FPA Advocacy Day  |  Washington, D.C.  |  June 21-22, 2016

Our Third Annual FPA Advocacy Day was an important opportunity for FPA members and leaders to gather on The Hill to introduce federal policymakers to our association and profession while displaying FPA's strength as THE association for all CFP® professionals and advocating for issues that are important to practitioners. Participating in this day empowered us to positively impact government officials at all levels.

On June 21-22, 2016, FPA members came together to for the third time to continue building relationships… and here's what they had to say about the day. ​


FPA Advocacy in Your State

State Advocacy Days help you connect with your local legislators and regulators to build important relationships that help influence the right people. FPA Advocacy seeks to advance and protect your profession by proactively seeking out those who vote on issues that affect your profession. Ask your Advocacy Chapter Leader how to start or participate in an Advocacy Day in your state.

Contact Karen Nystrom , Advocacy Team Leader

What Participants Say
“What an experience! I can’t express what an inspiration the day was for me. To be part of a dedicated group of individuals who were able to meet with our legislators and pave the way to building a relationship was awesome. Advocacy was a new experience for me and I went into it feeling a little overwhelmed (ok, a lot!) and not sure how I could affect change. But simply by showing up and participating was enough. 
     ​We were able to provide education and the building blocks for future meetings. The journey to change begins with taking that first step. By participating in Advocacy Day, you are taking a step not only for yourself but your profession as a whole – be a part of that change and participate in the Advocacy Day!  It’s time in your day that you won’t regret or forget!” 
— Dusty Hoetger, CFP®​​

"Twenty-one FPA members gathered in force at the California State Capitol in March for Financial Advocacy Day. We met with state senators and assembly members to offer resources for community activities and to help establish effective consumer protection. We also provided feedback on some proposed bills and legislation.
  ​   It was a pleasure to contribute to the Democratic process to make my voice and that of the FPA heard in Government, and to participate as a citizen.  I connected with my senator and the chief-of-staff of my assembly member. We plan to jointly offer financial literacy events in my area.
    I appreciated the opportunity to associate with some of the best and most dedicated FPA members in California. It was a day well spent in behalf of the FPA; offering to share our collective knowledge and resources to help the people of California improve their financial future.​" 
— Janet Larson, CFP®​​