FPA is proud to be a voice for CFP® professionals and all practitioners as we look to build the financial planning profession. To help, we launched the FPA Member Advocacy Council (MAC) to serve as the official mechanism within the association that is gathering feedback from members on the activities and programs of regulatory and certifying agencies.​

Through a variety of communications and activities, the MAC proactively engages FPA members on an ongoing basis to provide them an opportunity to have their voices heard on key issues stemming from the activities of regulatory and certifying bodies, as well as other issues that are impacting their work. And because the MAC is gathering real-time feedback from CFP® professionals, it plays a key role in helping FPA strengthen its Strategic Directive of being an association for and of CFP® professionals.

The MAC’s work is determined by the actions of key agencies, including CFP Board, the SEC and FINRA. Most recently, the MAC played a critical role in ensuring members voices were heard on CFP Board’s proposed changes to the Standards of Professional Conduct where they solicited member input then worked with the FPA Board of Directors to draft official FPA comment letters to CFP Board.

2019 MAC
Following are the members of the MAC in 2019 who are selflessly giving their time to ensure FPA and all members of the association are being heard by those certifying and regulatory agencies that have influence over the financial planning profession.
  • Donna Sowa Allard, CFP® (Lincoln, RI)
  • Paul Brahim, CFP® (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Michael Branham, CFP® (Maple Grove, MN) - 2019 Chair
  • Chris Draughon, CFP® (St. Augustine, FL)
  • Lance Eaton, CFP® (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Brian Edstrom (Minneapolis, MN)​
  • Rachel Moran, CFP® (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Karen Nystrom (Staff Liaison)
  • Cathy Seeber, CFP® (Doylestown,PA)

    If you want to share an opinion or concern, or want to suggest something for the MAC to consider, please send an email to 
    FPAMAC@OneFPA.org.  ​