FPA is dedicated to helping underserved populations by providing free, no strings attached, objective financial planning services to individuals and families through the selfless actions of FPA members and chapters.

FPA’s nationwide network of 88 chapters and state councils lead the way in helping thousands of Americans struggling to financially achieve their goals and dreams through a variety of community outreach programs. Pro bono programs target underserved individuals and families striving to build assets and improve their lives but cannot afford to engage a financial planner on their own.

Giving vulnerable members of our communities a helping hand by sharing our professional expertise — that's what pro bono financial planning is all about. Throughout the country, FPA chapters are working with community partners to assist those with the greatest need for – and the least access to – the power of financial planning. In partnership with the Foundation for Financial Planning, FPA chapters help thousands of Americans each year.

Foundation for Financial Planning

FPA’s pro bono partner, the Foundation for Financial Planning, served as the administrator of FPA’s pro bono efforts in recent years. It is through continued, open collaboration that the organizations have transitioned the management of FPA's pro bono programs back to FPA. This means that the pro bono staff position, which is funded through a grant from the Foundation, works in the FPA office with the rest of the FPA staff rather than working at the Foundation for Financial Planning. 
FPA and the Foundation have been working together with a focus on delivering optimal management for pro bono initiatives and support to the volunteers that serve people in need of education and financial planning. Through its strategic partnership, FPA and the Foundation provide thousands of pro bono hours annually in communities across the country.

Volunteering as an FPA pro bono financial planner is a great way to give back, build professional skills and strengthen ties with your community and fellow FPA members. 

Questions or want to get involved? If you’re an FPA member and want to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact Kurt Kaczor, FPA Pro Bono Director, at [email protected].