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February 2018

Cover Story

Managing Student Loans in a Changing Landscape

by Adam S. Minsky, J.D. 
Explore the different types of student loans and repayment options, and get information you can use to help clients best manage their loans.


February 28, 2018: 2pm Eastern -- Journal in the Round: Navigating the Student Loan Landscape

In this month's Journal in the Round, Adam Minsky, J.D. discusses his article on managing student loans.  He will be joined by college planning expert Joe Messinger, CFP®, to discuss the growing problem of massive student loan debt in the U.S., and the different types of  loans and repayment options that financial planners can use to help clients navigate this challenging landscape.

Practice Management

Think “Inclusion” to Build Teamwork

by David F. Smith, Ph.D., CFP®
Through inclusive behavior, goals are better defined, resources are used correctly, and work gets done as desired.


The Effects of Social Security Benefits and RMDs on Tax-Efficient Withdrawal

by Greg Geisler, Ph.D.; and David S. Hulse, Ph.D.
This paper highlights how a portfolio’s life can be extended by managing withdrawals from taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-exempt accounts, with graphs that help planners visualize the effects throughout the portfolio’s life.


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3 Reasons Why Financial Planners Should Help Clients Understand Markets
by Lisa Brignoni, CFA
Every financial planner faces the challenge of keeping clients on track to achieve long-term goals. Fortunately, educating clients on the markets and economy can help. Click to see how.

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