Member Profile: Nancy J. LaPointe, CFP®, MBA, ChFC, CLU, CASL

Primary Role: Owner and President of Navigate Financial in Lacey, Wash.

Financial Planning Philosophy: LaPointe believes life is a journey that can control and dictate your path, or it can be a journey that you create and influence. You choose by your actions and decisions. Financial planning gives you a strong understanding of the resources needed for your journey.

What challenges were you facing before deciding to participate in the Hosted Buyer Program at the FPA Annual Conference in Seattle last year?
I changed my broker-dealer to Commonwealth Financial Network in the previous 13 months because I wanted to realize my vision of having a holistic financial planning practice. I viewed the Hosted Buyer Program at the FPA Annual Conference as an opportunity to educate myself on services and products now available to me as an independent adviser. The format of the program allowed me to start a relationship with key vendors, ask pointed questions and determine the relevance of services to my practice and clients. The exchange was meaningful…not just a simple exchange of literature and information.

What was it about the Hosted Buyer Program that you found attractive?
The FPA Annual Conference in Seattle was the first such event I had attended, so I saw the Hosted Buyer Program as an attractive “soft” introduction to the conference. By attending the reception the night before then attending the Hosted Buyer Program the next morning, I made new contacts and friends so that allowed me to feel more a part of the event – not just an attendee. Of course I also wanted to benefit from the vendors, share my expectations and what I sought in relationship with vendors and their products and services.

As a result of the Hosted Buyer Program you connected with American Media Group. Why did you decide to engage them and what are you hoping the result will be?
I have always wanted to write a book, so I wanted to find a partner that would be my guide and teacher throughout the process. It’s a scary endeavor to share your thoughts in writing with an editor, let alone the public and my peers. My strength lies in developing ideas and concepts, so I needed to find a partner to help me design and organize a book for publication.

American Media Group has assigned me a dedicated team who are in consistent contact and guiding me throughout the entire process of making the book a reality. The book, to be titled Financial Reset and available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, is still in the preparation stage at this time, but they are already preparing me for the official launch in August 2015. If I did not have them working for me in the background and keeping me accountable and on schedule, the dream of having a book would still be just that – a dream.

What do you hope the impact of working with American Media Group will be on you and your business?
I want to have a sustainable means to educate my clients and peers and want to encourage others to participate in the planning process and act financially responsible in their daily lives. American Media Group not only works as my publisher, but as a marketing firm as well. I am hopeful that with their help this book will lead to speaking engagements, workshops and media opportunities. American Media Group’s team has been caring and respectful of my intentions. They have been my advocate for the story I am looking to share.

What advice or guidance would you give fellow FPA members about the Hosted Buyer Program at the FPA Annual Conference and why they should participate?
The Hosted Buyer Program at the FPA Annual Conference puts you in a win-win situation. The program enhances your conference experience and helps you make the most of your attendance. I was able to connect with American Media Group because of my participation in the Hosted Buyer Program last year and I see that relationship as potentially life changing. You can have the same experience if you simply learn make the necessary contacts with vendors that can improve your skills and knowledge. The Hosted Buyer Program is every attendees golden opportunity. The whole experience has enhanced my respect and pleasure of being associated with FPA!

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