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What is FPA NexGen Gathering and how many times have you attended?

This year will be my third year attending and I can tell you that Gathering is a conference like no other! The two day agenda is set by the attendees and is guaranteed to be different every year. What I love about Gathering is that the conversations evolve as the profession evolves. We are always discussing the latest trends and hot topics buzzing in the profession.


What was it about FPA NexGen Gathering that you find attractive?

Gathering is attractive because it's a safe space to have vulnerable conversations. It's an open environment where trust is a given and you know other attendees have your best interest at heart. The energy and spirit at Gathering is so contagious. I leave on a high every time! I feel like I can take over the world and truly make an impact in this profession.   


How did you engage with your peers at FPA NexGen Gathering? What type of interaction have you had that really stood out for you?

The interactions that stand out the most for me is when someone comes up to me after a session and says, "Thank you. Thank you for sharing your story." Too often we feel like we are the only person experiencing growing pains, but we are not. Gathering serves as a safe environment to share personal struggles and triumphs. You never know who you are helping by sharing your story. Gathering has empowered me to be more open with my peers.

Why has FPA NexGen Gathering been important to you and why do you hope fellow young planners will attend the event?​

It has been important for me to attend Gathering because our profession is reaching a tipping point where the need of young planners staying engaged and in the profession is very important. The planners who attend Gathering are the movers and shakers of the profession and I consider it a privilege to be a thought partner with them.


The authentic conversations at Gathering have helped shape my thoughts and interests on how I feel I can make an impact in this profession. I will continue to attend because I want to be a resource and thought partner for other young planners on the rise. 


What advice would you give fellow FPA members about FPA NexGen Gathering and why they should plan to attend?

Gathering is the best conference for "rising star" planners. The conversations at Gathering will challenge you to think out of the box and will ultimately help you become a better planner. The registration cost of the conference has remained low over the years, so it shouldn't be a barrier for those thinking of attending. A colleague recently said it best, "Supporting younger practitioners' involvement in NexGen is an investment in your firm's future." I couldn't agree more! 

Are you a young planner interested in joining Rianka and other peers at FPA NexGen Gathering this year? If so, learn more about the event and register today!

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