Member Profiles: Randy Bruns, CFP®, Victoria Fillet, CFP® and Michael Domingo, CFP®

Why is it important for financial planners to make themselves more visible to the public and media?

Victoria Fillet: We are the primary source to promote financial planning for all. The more the public knows about us the more they will get involved.

Michael Domingo: Financial planners must become more visible to get the planning message out to a public that's bombarded by investment centric media. 

Randy Bruns: We help individuals make serious financial decisions involving their hard earned money, trust is a major factor for many consumers when choosing to work with a financial planner. Becoming a well-known, trusted expert can reap huge rewards for a financial planner – with consumers and the media


How has FPA helped you make yourself more visible to the public and media?

Michael: FPA has provided me many opportunities to network with colleagues, many of whom I would never have met, along with the opportunity to interact with media.

Randy: Because of FPA I have been quoted by numerous media outlets, including USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Chicago's NBC 5 Morning News. I've been able to work with NPR, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Chicago Public Library, Christine Benz of Morningstar, and met with lawmakers at the Illinois State Capitol as part of our FPA-Illinois Advocacy Day. The visibility is invaluable and the experiences have been priceless.

Victoria: FPA provides a platform for us to respond to the press and gives us credibility and visibility with the public. In New York, the many public events we host as a chapter are the perfect places to put out our message.


You recently participated in a Wall Street Journal adviser roundtable. How did that come about and what was the experience like?

Randy: The experience was awesome! The writer wanted the story to be a success just as much as we did, and she worked with all of us to make it so. She shared her questions with us ahead of time so that we were prepared, and she proactively requested our input for improving the story. We flew out to New York, spent two hours discussing the topics for the article, and had a brief photo shoot. A few weeks later my photo was in the Wall Street Journal. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that could happen.  And it was all because of FPA.

Victoria: I participated because FPA recommended me to the editors who were doing the story. It was a wonderful experience and I met two other FPA members who were a delight to talk and exchange ideas with. It will be a great press opportunity for me personally and FPA.

Michael: It was a fantastic experience that was one of my professional highlights this year.


What has been your experience with FPA MediaSource and why should other CFP® members of FPA participate?

Victoria: I don't always have the time to respond to reporter requests through FPA MediaSource, but when I do and my response is noted it is very satisfying. The questions are topical and the reporters are generally very nice. All FPA members who want visibility should be involved.

Michael: Thanks to FPA, I see so many opportunities come across to speak to media sources across the country.

Randy: I love FPA MediaSource. Throughout the week I receive all sorts of media inquiries sent directly to my inbox.  The range of topics is diverse and it takes just a few minutes to send a few bullet points back the writers, and as a result, I am often quoted in their stories. Being quoted by the media provides tremendous credibility and exposure! 


Do you consider the opportunity to gain more visibility a key benefit of FPA affiliation?

Michael: Resoundingly yes!

Randy: Absolutely. For me, FPA provides professional opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available were I not a member. 

Victoria: I would say both visibility and creditability are key benefits! Not to mention the added value that comes from interacting with other members.




Let's meet Randy, Victoria and Michael:

Randy Bruns, CFP®

Private Wealth Advisor

HighPoint Planning Partners

Downers Grove, Ill.




Victoria Fillet, CFP®


Blueprint Financial Planning LLC

Hoboken, NJ




Michael Domingo, CFP®, AIF®, CLU, CRPC


Murphy & Sylvest

Dallas, TX



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