MAC ToolKit for Code of Ethics and Standards on Conduct

The Member Advocacy Council (MAC) wants to provide you with some helpful links to get you up to speed. Here are four ways you can engage with the new Code and Standards. 
  • The recently released ROADMAP, will give you a walkthrough of the Code and Standards with helpful graphics. 

  • The CASE STUDIES will provide examples of when conduct falls inside and outside the Code and Standards and give you an opportunity to select the best answer from multiple choices.

  • The PUBLIC FORUMS calendar show where you can attend a meeting in-person to  ask questions and get the latest updates. This calendar is up to date through December of 2019.

  • If you need CFP ETHICS CE​, FPA provides education on the New CFP Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct in both live and online formats.​

If you want to share an opinion or concern, or want to suggest something for the MAC to consider, please send an email to FPAMAC@OneFPA.org​​.