Who can join FPA?
FPA is the professional home for CFP® professionals, those on the path to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, academic leaders, financial planners, students and those who support the financial planning process.​

How do I join FPA?
You can join FPA online at JoinFPA.org, by phone at 800.322.4237 or by mail by downloading an application and mailing it to 7535 E. Hampden Avenue, Suite 600, Denver CO 80231.

Does my organization join FPA, or do I join as an individual?
You may join as an individual or as a firm. For firms of 300 or less employees, consider Group Membership. Firms of 300 or more employees should consider a Classic Partnership. For more information, please contact us at 800.322.4237 or GroupMembership@OneFPA.org.

What types of memberships are available? 
FPA offers several types of individual memberships as well as a group membership to fit your needs as a financial planner. Visit ‘Membership Options’ on JoinFPA.org​ to learn more.

Is FPA membership an annual membership?
FPA membership is annual and your join date serves as your anniversary date for when your membership will be up for renewal annually.

We are a Group Member and one of our individual members has left our firm. Can we transfer the membership to our new staff person?
Yes, dues are not refundable but you can transfer the membership to another staff person. The length of the membership will reflect the balance of remaining months left at the time of transferring. For assistance, please contact us at 800.322.4237 or GroupMembership@OneFPA.org.


How can I pay for my membership?
You can pay for your membership by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), check or money order.

Does FPA offer an auto-renew option for memberships?
The FPA Auto-Renewal Program enables you to auto-renew your membership annually by providing a credit card to make this annual payment. When you enroll, you’ll receive a one-time $50 savings off your membership dues. Please use Promo Code: AUTORNW when paying your dues online. Note: Full-time Student category members and members participating in the Monthly Dues Installment Program are not eligible for the Auto-Renewal Program or discount.

Does FPA have a monthly payment option?
The FPA Monthly Dues Installments program offers an option for CFP® Professional and Allied Professional members to pay their annual membership dues in installments over the 12 months of their membership. Special promotions or discounts may not be applied to dues when participating in the Monthly Dues Installments program. Note that enrollment in membership is a 12-month commitment. Should you no longer wish to pay in monthly installments, the remaining portion of your balance would be owed at that time. You can select this payment option during the checkout process at JoinFPA.org​

If I cancel my FPA membership, are dues refundable?
FPA’s membership cancellation policy is that no refunds for dues paid will be given if a request is received 30 days or more after notification has been made that the membership application or renewal has been processed. Please note that FPA membership is for an individual person, and therefore non-transferable to other persons. FPA Group Members may transfer an individual membership to a new staff person if they leave your firm. If you need help, just call us at 800.322.4237 or email GroupMembership@OneFPA.org​.

I am an FPA member and am currently in between jobs. Do you offer assistance for members in this situation?
FPA does have an Economic Hardship Policy to provide aide and leniency to members who, as a result of extreme financial constraints, cannot afford their membership dues. Membership extensions, ranging from six months, will be provided to members on a case-by-case basis. Determining factors include but are not limited to a member’s longevity with FPA and the severity of their situation. Eligibility can only be determined by Member Services.


How will I know when it’s time to renew my membership?
FPA sends a series of communications by mail, email and phone to let you know when your membership is due for renewal.

If my membership has lapsed, how can I reactivate it?
To rejoin, go online to OneFPA.org/MyProfile. You can also call 800.322.4237 or email us at MemberServices@OneFPA.org. If your membership is lapsed more than 60 days past your renewal date, your original join date will not apply as the anniversary date for your membership.

If my FPA membership lapses, do I retain my original join date?
If an FPA membership is not renewed by its renewal date, access to member benefits is immediately discontinued. For FPA memberships renewed within 60 days of the expiration date, a grace period is extended, so the member retains their original join date. If an FPA membership is not renewed within 60 days of the renewal date, a one-time exception may be requested in which a member may maintain their original FPA membership join date. Requests may be made by contacting MemberServices@OneFPA.org​.


What member benefits does FPA provide?
You can learn more about the indispensable resources FPA provides in professional development, business support, community and advocacy by visiting 'Why Join FPA' or downloading the membership brochure on JoinFPA.org​​.

I have insurance through FPA. Do I need to maintain an active FPA membership to retain my insurance through this program?
If an FPA member enrolls in any of the insurance programs provided by FPA partner Ryan Insurance, an active membership must be maintained to be an insurance policy holder.

What publications are included with my membership?
FPA members receive digital and hard copy editions of FPA’s award-winning, peer-reviewed Journal of Financial Planning, which offers continuing education credit and access to searchable archives. FPA members also receive a subscription to the Financial Services Review, a quarterly journal from the Academy of Financial Services and FPA, and Money Magazine. You will receive your publications within one or two months after joining FPA, depending on your join date. If you have any trouble receiving your publications, call 800.322.4237 or email MemberServices@OneFPA.org​.

How do I read the Journal of Financial Planning online?
You can access the Journal at this site or by installing the Journal app on your Android or Apple device.

Who is eligible for an FPA PlannerSearch® listing?
To participate, you must be a CFP® professional and FPA member in good standing. Members are not automatically added to the platform, they must opt in. To opt in, please contact MemberServices@OneFPA.org​. You can also opt-in online by visiting PlannerSearch.org.

How do I find information about my local FPA chapter?
You were automatically enrolled in your local chapter when you joined FPA. To learn more about your chapter, visit ‘MyChapter’ in your account on OneFPA.org.


How do I claim my CE credit after reading Journal of Financial Planning articles?
Please visit https://www.onefpa.org/MyFPA/Pages/examlist.aspx to take the exam and claim your credit. If you are a member and see a charge, there is more than likely an issue with your account. Please call us at 800.322.4237 or send an email to MemberServices@OneFPA.org​.

If I take a CE exam through FPA, will they report my credit to the CFP Board?
Yes, we report CE to the CFP Board on the 15th and last day of each month. Your CFP® number must be up to date in your profile for credit to be awarded.


Where can I find my FPA membership number?
You can find your Membership ID by visiting OneFPA.org/MyProfile and entering your FPA login and password. You can also email us at MemberServices@OneFPA.org​ or call 800.322.4237.

How do I manage my communication preferences?
You can manage your communication preferences by visiting OneFPA.org/MyProfile and entering your FPA login and password.

What if I need to reset my username for logging in at www.OneFPA.org?
You can reset your member username at onefpa.org/Pages/ChangeUsername.aspx or by calling Member Services at 800.322.4237. 

How do I change my contact information with FPA?
You can change your contact information by visiting OneFPA.org/MyProfile​​ and entering your FPA login and password. You can also call us at 800.322.4237 or email MemberServices@OneFPA.org​


My colleague would love FPA. Do you have a way that I can refer him?
Yes, FPA’s Member-Get-A-Member Program enables members to recommend a colleague for membership. With each colleague you refer, you’ll save money on dues – the referred member will receive a one-time savings as well. It’s a win-win! Learn more at Membership.OneFPA.org/MGAM.

How does the FPA referral program work?
You can refer a colleague by filling out the form on https://membership.onefpa.org/MGAM or give credit to the person that referred you to join by entering their name at checkout when joining on the website. Once you refer a colleague or are referred, you will receive an email with further instructions. The referrer will not receive a discount unless the referred colleague joins FPA. If you have any questions, contact MemberServices@OneFPA.org​.


Are my FPA membership dues tax-deductible?
Dues are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes but may deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. However, a portion of the dues is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent that FPA engages in lobbying. The non-deductible portion for dues related to lobbying is 6.07%.

What is FPA’s privacy policy?
You can read FPA’s current privacy policy here: https://www.onefpa.org/Pages/Privacy-Policy-Disclaimers.aspx​.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions, please call us at 800.322.4237 or send an email to MemberServices@OneFPA.org​.​