​​FPA PlannerSearch​ Tutorials

The following tutorial videos and FAQs are provided to help you maximize your use of FPA PlannerSearch®. This page will be updated frequently with new ​​​information, so check back as needed to get the latest tips on making the most of the platform.​​

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FPA PlannerSearch​ FAQs​

What is FPA PlannerSearch®?

FPA PlannerSearch® is a website that not only provides educational content to consumers on personal financial matters, but also helps them find and engage CFP® professionals in their area. Through robust search functionality, consumers who are looking for financial planning guidance and support can search for CFP® professionals who can help.


What role does FPA PlannerSearch® play for me?

The site was constructed to increase the online visibility of CFP® professionals who are also members of FPA. By using best practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social sharing, and structured data, the site increases the likelihood of CFP® members of FPA being found online through Google searches. By way of this increased visibility new business opportunities may emerge.


Who is able to participate in FPA PlannerSearch®?

In order to participate, you must be an FPA member in good standing and a CFP® professional. Members are not automatically added to the platform, they must opt in. To opt in, please contact the FPA Member Engagement Team at MemberServices@OneFPA.org. You can also opt-in online by visiting www.onefpa.org/business-success/Pages/PlannerSearch.


Why has the platform been changed/improved?

In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, CFP® professionals need to be able to be found online. The changes we have made to the architecture of the site and search functionality will now better support our members by providing more visibility online which will lead to new business growth opportunities.


What, specifically, has been done to improve the platform?

As we set out on redeveloping the site and search tool, we did so with three distinct goals:

First was to increase planner findability. The new website's foundation is built from the perspective of traffic acquisition. Best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social sharing, and structured data will drive the architecture of the website so members can be found more often and in more places across the web.

Second was to improve usability. User experience is paramount to findability and engagement. Consumers will enjoy a streamlined experience and be able to easily accomplish their goal of researching, contacting, and partnering with a financial planner that meets their unique individual needs.

Third was to expand accessibility. Users seeking to find a financial planner from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone will be treated to a seamless user experience at their convenience. This will drive increased traffic, interactions, client leads and – ultimately – help members grow their businesses.


What are some of the new features?

There are a couple new features that you should definitely pay attention to:

  • Now every planner has a unique URL path to their profile on FPA PlannerSearch®. That means you can share your profile on the site with anyone by simply providing the URL. It is advisable to provide a link to your profile on your website, blog, and any other way you can be found online.

  • Your profile now has a "My Links" section where you can share other places where you are found online. You can share links to recent media appearances, news items where you appear, personal blog posts, and much more. This section in particular is very important to helping drive SEO for your profile so be sure to keep it up to date with your latest links!

  • Your profile also has a "Brochures" section where you can provide brochures and other content specific to your business.

  • Also, when a consumer searches for a planner, they will be provided an interactive map where they can view CFP® professionals within proximity to them. So just because someone may be viewing another planner from your immediate area, they will now be able to quickly check out your profile as well.


How do I view/edit my profile on the platform?

Updating your profile is the same as the previous iteration of FPA PlannerSearch®. Simply log in to OneFPA.org and click on "My Profile." Information that is populated on FPA PlannerSearch® will be identified as such. There is also a "PlannerSearch" tab on "My Profile" where you can populate information for the "My Links" and "Brochures" sections.

As always, you can get assistance by contacting a member of the FPA Member Engagement Team at MemberServices@OneFPA.org.


How do I get any new client leads?

The process is the same as before. You will get an email with an alert that a consumer is interested in you and your services. You will then login to OneFPA.org and click on the "My Leads" tab at the top of the page to view your leads and contact them.


What are the specifications for my profile picture?​

T​o ensure your profile picture looks as good as possible, please only use a photo that is in JPEG or PNG format and approximately 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. We recommend that the body and head is centered in the image and not cropped too closely, with a comfortable amount of spacing around the edges. 

Here is an example:​

What are the specifications for the images I want to associate with my brochures in the "Brochures" section?

Images can be in either JPEG or PNG format and should be 50 pixels by 50 pixels. If your image exceeds this, it will automatically be scaled to fit.


What are the specifications for the images I want to associate with my links in the "My Links" section?

Images can be in either JPEG or PNG format and should be 60 pixels by 60 pixels. If your image exceeds this, it will automatically be scaled to fit.​​