Looking to get involved? Want to contribute to the success of your profession? 

You are in the right place​!

FPA’s volunteer structure enables a great number of members to contribute to FPA and the profession in meaningful ways that fit their life/business. Whether it is a short, one-time commitment, or a long-term project/position – FPA welcomes the skills, talents and passions of all our members.

We seek to engage with a wide number of volunteers in varying capacities through this program.

In the coming months we will be rolling out a comprehensive program that includes volunteer opportunities of all kinds, application forms, success stories from current initiatives, and more.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Looking to learn more about opportunities to volunteer with FPA? Check out the Volunteer Engagement Center on FPA's member-only, private discussion platform, FPA Connect (FPA login/password credentials required). 

FPA Board Service:

FPA is accepting applications to serve on the 2021 Board of Directors through June 1, 2020. To request an application packet, contact us​

- Read Expectations of FPA Board Members​ ​​to learn about time commitments, requirements, scope of work, etc. 


Volunteer Leader Resources:

5 R's of Volunteer Management - A resource to guide leaders through managing and working with volunteers for optimal success

Committee Roles & Responsibilities Defined - Chair, Board Liaison, Staff Liaison, Committee Member

Honest, Direct, Respectful Overview​ - A primer on FPA's HDR culture

Motives for Volunteerism - It's important to understand what drives a person to volunteer so that you can align their goals/needs with opportunities

Strategic Framework - How the work you do as volunteers ties to FPA's primary focus

Strategic Planning Elements - What's needed to plan your year

Succession Planning Template - Worksheet to help you organize your thoughts as you consider future leaders and their skillsets

Volunteer Management Manual​ - A booklet for you to fill out to help your volunteers define their role, the committee's role, and how it fits into the overall organization's objectives. 

Volunteer Recognition Ideas Template - Suggestions for how to recognize volunteers

Volunteer Relations Training - PPT provided to 2017 Chapter Leaders Conference Attendees​