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​FPA is excited to announce the launch of the newly redesign​ed and re-engineered FPA PlannerSearch® to better meet the needs of our CFP® professional members and the consuming public.​

The overhaul of the site and the search functionality was significant. While the platform has always been about helping our members build their business via new client leads, the primary focus on the platform now is to drive member visibility online, which will lead to new business opportunities. In today's ultra-competitive digital world, appearing at the top of Google searches is paramount for anyone wanting to attract new business. The all-new FPA PlannerSearch® will help make you more visible when consumers search for you by name or search for financial planners in your area.

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​​​As we set out on redeveloping the site and search tool, w​​e did so with three distinct goals:
  • Increase Planner Findability – The new website's foundation is built from the perspective of traffic acquisition. Best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social sharing, and structured data will drive the architecture of the website so members can be found more often and in more places across the web.

  • Improve Usability – User experience is paramount to findability and engagement. Consumers will enjoy a streamlined experience and be able to easily accomplish their goal of researching, contacting, and partnering with a financial planner that meets their unique individual needs.

  • Expand Accessibility – Users seeking to find a financial planner from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone will be treated to a seamless user experience at their convenience. This will drive increased traffic, interactions, client leads and – ultimately – help members grow their businesses.​

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When you visit your FPA PlannerSearch® profile today you will notice new areas of content, including social accounts and a section called "My Links." This section is available to you to showcase high-quality areas of content and places of interest. This area should be kept fresh and up-to-date with links to media appearances, other profiles you have online, articles you have published, blogs, and much more. Keeping this section and all areas of your profile updated with the latest information will help maximize your profile for online searches. We strongly encourage you to review your profile today – and regularly – to ensure it has all of the information you want to share with the public.

Also, note these important updates:

  • The Allied Professional Services Directory, which launched last February, has now been expanded to include both Allied Professional FPA members and CFP® Professional FPA members. Renamed the FPA Financial Professional Services Directory, and accessible on FPA Connect, it will serve as a resource to connect FPA members who seek supportive assistance in the financial planning process with those who deliver these services.

  • Members' MyProfile has been refreshed with demographic questions organized to better support members in getting the most value from their membership by sharing information about themselves and their businesses with FPA. FPA has also updated it's communication preferences and it's privacy policy. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with these and encourage members to manage their communication preferences by logging into their FPA profile at, calling FPA at 800.322.4237 or e-mailing Member Services

Have questions related to either of these additional updates? Email or call the FPA Member Services Team at [email protected], 800.322.4237.​



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