​The issue of cybersec​​urity for financial advisers and their firms is as complex as it​ is critical to the future of the industry.

Despite the fact that 8 in 10 advisers identify cybersecurity as a high priority, only 29 percent of advisers completely agree they're fully prepared to manage and mitigate the associated risks. This significant disconnect only serves to demonstrate that advisers lack a clear understanding of the risks, as well as the ability to identify a common path forward to neutralize this critical issue.

Is Your Data Safe? The 2016 Financial Adviser Cybersecurity Assessment from the FPA Research and Practice Institute™ and sponsored by TD Ameritrade Institutional, is a quantitative report that will inform three whitepapers available in the coming months designed to deliver much-​​needed actionable next steps to address cybersecurity threats.


The report itself helps advisers understand what precautions their peers are taking against cyber-attacks and where they are falling short when it comes to developing and implementing the policies and procedures to guard against cybersecurity incidents. Each of the subsequent papers will build upon the quantitative report by providing insights and key takeaways around the following topics:

  • How are advisers communicating with clients regarding cybersecurity?

  • How are advisers training their teams on issues related to cybersecurity?

  • What tools and technology are advisers using to protect their businesses—and what does it cost? ​

Available Whitepap​​ers:


Cybersecurity: Client Perception and Communication​

the first in a series of three whitepapers designed to help advisers apply the research to their respective practices.​ This whitepaper, specifically, covers five key areas of cybersecurity as it relates to clients, including client awareness, perceived concern, adviser role in educating clients, the communication process, and the opportunity to be proactive with clients. Download your copy today​!​



Cybersecurity: Is Your Team Prepared?

Have you taken the necessary steps to train your staff on firm cybersecurity policies and procedures? Do you have a plan in place to ensure they are up-to-speed on how to protect client and business data? Cybersecurity: Is Your Team Prepared? is the second of three action-oriented whitepapers that is now available based on the latest cybersecurity research by FPA and TD Ameritrade Institutional. Download your copy today!



Cybersecurity: Current Threats and Risk Management​

Are you aware of the types of cyber threats that can compromise business and client date? What steps have you taken to outline processes and policies to mitigate the risk? Cybersecurity: Current Threats and Risk Management is the final of three action-oriented whitepapers that is now available based on the latest cybersecurity research by FPA and TD Ameritrade Institutional. Download your copy today!​


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