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Is Mindset the Greatest Obstacle to Succession Planning?​

Is mindset holding you back from developing an impactful succession plan for your business? This whitepaper further explores the research and offers actionable steps for you to take to overcome the mental barriers keeping you from planning for your future.​​


In 2015, only 28 percent of financial advisers had a formal
succession plan. Three years later, little has changed.​

The Succession Challenge 2018: Why Financial Advisers are Failing to Plan for the Inevitable by FPA and Janus Henderson Investors provides key insights into the personal and business challenges facing financial advisers today that are impacting their ability to plan for their inevitable transition into retirement.

Besides trying to ascertain whether or not succession planning is taking place, the research delves into the perceptions of team members, how personal clarity about retirement is impacting planning, the primary obstacles faced by advisers, and much more.


Communicating with Your Team and Clients about Your Succession Plan

More than half of financial planning clients today say it’s important for their financial planner to have a succession plan, but even if planners have a plan in place, they are not communicating with their clients about it. This whitepaper explores why communication with clients and team members is critical and how to get started.



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