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The financial planning professional attracts those with a commitment to professional growth and a passion for empowering others. Not only do planners never stop learning, they also never stop evolving so they can better serve their clients. 


Members who are managers and senior leads at their practices recognize the importance of continued learning, leveraging existing resources, research data for their firms' structure and clients, advocating for the profession and mentoring younger planners while gaining key knowledge from them.


FPA is committed to keeping its members current when it comes to industry education, trends, advances, policies and regulations. Members can earn continuing education credit at conferences, via the Journal for Financial Planning​ and through live and on demand courses.


In addition to continued learning, FPA makes sure members stay current on issues and concerns. The FPA Research and Practice InstituteTM (RPI) provides answers to the pressing questions that help members prosper in today's challenging financial services landscape. RPI conducts original research on profession-related and business-centric topics and issues. Detailed analyses, reports, whitepapers and resources, based on the research, are made available to financial planning professionals to help them identify and address their business gaps and enhance the body of knowledge for CFP® professionals.​


FPA also assembles its members for causes and initiatives that raise the profile of the profession and assist underserved populations. Through its advocacy​ efforts, each year, FPA shares our its values and core beliefs to policymakers in D.C., display its strength as the association for all CFP®​ ​professionals, and advocate for issues that impact our profession. For over a decade, FPA members have been providing pro bono support to underserved populations including members of the military, low-wage earners, and people with little knowledge of and little access to financial planners.



Find answers to questions that will aid you in your firm at our ​FPA Research and Practice Institute​

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