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FPA’s Knowledge Circles are gathering places for like-minded members who want to engage in dialogue about best practices and innovations on particular topics. Knowledge Circle participants also serve as content experts who help guide the creation of FPA content and educational programs.

  • ​Knowledge Circles have a  co-creative and structured interactive format facilitated by 3-4 FPA member hosts.​
  • Knowledge Circles research and discussions provide implementable takeaways.
  • Knowledge Circles are focused on co-creating ideas and content between FPA and KC participants. They are in alignment with one another.
  • Knowledge Circles receive program content from FPA.  These content ideas are cycled through KC members, who in return give FPA their opinion on future programming.
  • Knowledge Circles are closely aligned with the Journal of Financial Planning.

Current Knowledge Circles are: Business Success, Estate PlanningInternational/Cross-BorderInvestment PlanningPublic Policy & Regulation Knowledge​, ​​Retirement Planning, Tax Planning and Tax Strategies, Theory in Practice (Academic/Practitioner) and Women and Finance.

Each Knowledge Circle decides how it wants to connect. Online discussion forums, on-camera webinars, happy hour chats, in-person meetings – all of these are possible ways to gather.

There are two ways to participate:

Join a Circle: Five Knowledge Circles are already in place.  They are Business Success, Estate Planning, International/Cross-Border, Investment Planning and Retirement Planning.  These groups meet monthly and have regular online conversation.  Go here to sign up.  Tax Planning, Women and Finance and Theory in Practice will launch in-person at FPA BE: Boston 2015, FPA's annual conference.  Still have questions?  Go here.

WATCH: Learn How to Connect to a Knowledge Circle


Become a Host: Critical to the success of each Knowledge Circle, hosts will start conversations, encourage engagement and nurture the continued growth of their community. Each Knowledge Circle has up to three hosts (minimum 12-month commitment). An overview of benefits and responsibilities is here.  It is critical that hosts have certain skills and capacity to be successful in this role, so potential hosts will need to apply. To learn more, go here.​