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​FPA is the home for the next generation of CFP® professionals. By providing diverse education, relationship building, information-sharing, and volunteer opportunities that create positive social change, we are the definitive resource for students and new professionals to gain knowledge and establish relationships.

Your Path to CFP® Professional

FPA is committed to helping you along your journey to become a CFP® professional. Learn more about FPA member benefits that will help you jumpstart and advance your career in financial planning. View FPA Student to New Professional Roadmap.

Read FPA President's Quarterly Update.

​I'm a StudentI'm ​Preparing for the ExamI Need Experience
​FPA Student Community - join or start a student community to help you stay connected with your peers, start a study group, build relationships, and learn about educational opportunities offered by the local chapter.FPA Chapter - build relationships at your local chapter to form study groups and enhance your skills through educational programs and networking. View video.FPA Chapter - build relationships to learn about opportunities and chapter activities that may help you meet the CFP Board experience requirement. View video.
​FPA Connect Student Community - get tips and advice from your peers across the country.FPA Connect Student Community - connect with FPA student members from across the country to get tips and advice on taking the exam, starting a study group, and career advice.FPA NexGen - connect with a community of professionals 36 and under to get tips and advice on career paths and career development. View video.
​FPA MentorMatch - connect with expert financial planners to get tips on advancing your career in financial planning.Discounts - save money on CFP® Exam preparation materials through the FPA Member Discount Program.FPA Career Day - meet with hiring firms to secure an internship or job. Check if an FPA Chapter hosts an event in your area.
​Discounts - save money on tuition and professional education programs through the FPA Member Discount Program.Financial Planning Days & Pro Bono - volunteer to help those in need of financial planning assistance. Volunteer duties must be performed within CFP Board's experience standards to meet the CFP Board experience requirement. View video.
FPA Annual Conference - build relationships and attend educational sessions to help you advance at the largest gathering of CFP® professionals. Activities include the Financial Planning Challenge, Student Volunteer Program, Student Reception, and Recruiting Event. Special conference registration rates are available for students to attend. View video.FPA Residency - earn up to three months of financial planning work experience through this highly acclaimed program that provides intensive client-centered training experience.  View the 2015 Residency video.
​Journal of Financial Planning - FPA's award-winning publication will help you stay current with the best thinking from experts in the profession. View video.
​FPA Job Board - showcase your skills to prospective employers. Search by career stage including internships and entry-level positions.

New to the Profession? Learn more about the FPA NexGen community and resources to help you grow in your career.  

FPA Student Communities

FPA is partnering with universities across the country to help students learn more about the financial planning profession and jumpstart and advance in their careers as financial planners. To date, we have teamed up with 38 universities to support these efforts and are in discussions with more universities each day.

FPA invites your university to become partners in our efforts to support the next generation of financial planners via the FPA University Partner Program. By teaming up with FPA, you can offer your students unique benefits that will help them quickly progress in the profession including an: 

  • FPA classroom presentation. An FPA Board or chapter member will deliver a presentation that addresses why to become a CFP® professional, financial planner career paths, and FPA resources to help your students along the continuum of the profession, including discounted exam preparation materials to landing the right job.      
  • FPA Connect university community group for your students. This will give you, your students and the local FPA Chapter an online space to stay connected with each other outside of the classroom – allowing you to share best practices, tips, and get answers to questions when needed. The FPA Chapter will also be able to help your students stay up-to-date on relevant topics and local events that will help them along their career journey.   
  • Journal of Financial Planning (JFP). JFP is a great way to share best current thinking from financial planning experts with your students and complement your curriculum. We will provide non-members in your student community a free, six-month trial digital subscription to JFP. FPA student members receive this award-winning publication as part of their membership.
  • FPA Connect Student Community. This online community connects FPA student members from across the country to help them get tips and advice on career development.
  • FPA Connect Program Directors/Instructors. This online community is a space for FPA faculty members from across the country to connect with peers to share and receive relevant information that will help to engage your students as they work towards careers in financial planning.

In addition, we provide up to two complimentary FPA memberships to faculty advisors that team up with FPA via the FPA University Partner Program.

Please contact if you would like to learn more about the FPA University Partner Program and FPA's student resources.