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FPA Residen​​cy Progra​​m​​​ October ​​​2018

​Octob​​​er 19 - 24, 2018
The Hilton Denver Inverness​  |  Englewood, Colorado​​​​​


"I came over from Hawaii and run my own practice there.
My team was so great! I feel like we are a family.
I came here wanting to think like a financial planner.
I now know I need to focus on having the heart of a financial planner."

- Jim, 201​7 FPA Resident​​​

Benefits of Attending ​​FPA Residency​

  • ​​​​​Work closely with e​xperienced CFP® practitioners who provide insight and expertise on all facets of ​​client relationships.
  • ​Learn how to develop a financial plan that addresses the interior needs of the client.
  • Learn to communicate with your clients in a way they can truly hear, so that you can create the best life plan for their situations.
  • Get immediate feedback from your mentors.
  • Make lifelong friends and develop professional relationships that will carry on throughout your career.
  • Develop better overall client/planner relationship skills.
  • Know how it feels to be a CFP® professional.
  • Be eligible for 28 hours CFP® continuing education credits or three months of experience toward CFP Board's three-year experience requirement.

If you need assistance registering, please call FPA at 800-322-4237. You must have a valid FPA login to access the online registration portal. ​​