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FPA Residen​​cy Progra​​m​​​ ​​​2019

June 7 - 12  |  October 25 - 30  
Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center​ ​

The Difference Between Becoming and Being a Financial Planner​

​​​​​​FPA Residency is a unique training program for new or soon-to-be financial planners looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of how to “do” financial planning, and what it means to “be” a financial planner for their clients.

Residents (Participants)​ will:Photo_TwoMenPresenting.jpg

  • ​​Work closely with master CFP® practitioners who closely mentor each participant and offer immediate and individualized feedback, as well as their own insights and expertise. 
  • Practice developing an effective client-centered financial life plan and learn the tools needed to communicate complex issues in a way that client feels heard and understood.
  • Share their passion for financial planning with like-minded peers and, in the process, develop friendships and professional relationships quickly that carry on throughout their careers.
  • Earn 28 CFP continuing education credits or three months of experience toward CFP Board's three-year requirement.​

"The mentors really made this experience worthwhile.

It's impressive to see the service-minded people in this profession."

– Steven, 2017 FPA Residency res​​​ident​​


​Residents are:Photo_GroupLaughing2.jpg

  • Anyone who has completed the required CFP Board-registered program and is eligible to sit for the CFP Certification Examination.
  • Anyone who is a CFP professional and has held the designation for three years or less.
  • Anyone who is a CFP professional who holds the designation and is either: 
    • Not practicing financial planning for a period of time;
    • Not doing client facing financial planning;
    • Or wants more training doing the comprehensive, client-centered approach to financial planning.


If you have questions about whether the program is an ideal for you, please contact Jill Clateman, director of learning. She’ll connect you with one of the program deans or past residents if needed.

“I came here to get myself out of ​​​my comfort zone.
 My team created a safe place to learn. I got so much out of this experience.” ​

- Rick, 2017 FPA​ Residency resident​

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“I signed up over a year ago and was put on the wait list. 
I’m so glad for that because this group was incredible!"​ ​

- Karina, 2017 Residency resident