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FPA Residen​​cy Progra​​m​​​ ​​​2019

June 7 - 12  |  October 25 - 30  
Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center​ ​
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Course Content​

​​​​​​FPA Residency is an experiential learning program designed to engage, inspire and empower new CFP®​ professionals to be confident in their ability to create meaningful relationships with their clients. Upon arrival at FPA Residency, you will meet your program mentors, who are successful and experienced CFP® practitioners, and fellow residents in the program.


​After an initial orientation where you will learn more about the program flow and objectives, you will be assigned to a mentor and team of residents. As you progress through three case studies, your team will have the opportunity to learn and hone your communication and presentation skills, while working in an environment meant to reflect real life.

“I came here to get myself out of ​​​my comfort zone.
 My team created a safe place to learn. I got so much out of this experience.” ​

– Rick, 2017 FPA​ Resident​


​Case Studies

The three case studies address financial and life issues facing the same clients as their situation changes over a period of years. The case study process includes:
  • Role playing with mentors assuming the role of the clients and the role of financial planning firm partners and residents assuming the role of junior associates
  • Team breakout sessions to review client facts and profiles, develop pertinent client questions and to devise relevant case solutions and presentations for sharing those solutions with the clients
  • Team presentations of case studies to mentors as firm partners and as the clients, with specific and robust feedback from the mentors​​​

General Sessions

​General Sessions are held to address topics relevant to the residents. General Sessions provide an open forum for hearing from the mentors and asking them questions about just about anything relevant to financial planning, business and the profession and about the learnings of FPA Residency.

What FPA Residency is Not

FPA Residency is not a training session for technical financial planning knowledge. We assume you have that knowledge when you arrive. FPA Residency is designed to address “above the line” client issues. The work during FPA Residency addresses the client-centered nature of the financial planning engagement and the importance of the dynamic nature of the client-planner relationship. FPA Residency is also not a program about practice management. That being said, the mentors are available to you all day and into the evenings, so there are many opportunities to ask questions and spark lively and interesting conversations about any topic of interest to you.​

“I signed up over a year ago and was put on the wait list.
I’m so glad for that because this group was incredible!"​ ​

– Karina, 2017 FPA​ Resident​


The agenda is coming soon. 


Learn More 

Read this Financial Advisor article for more information about the program. 

If you need assistance registering, please call FPA at 800-322-4237. You must have a valid FPA login to access the online registration portal. ​